While there are many important heuristics, there are a few heuristics that are particularly important to both scholarly media and digital media.The digital media that I used to compare was Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie, which falls predominantly under the category of a music video, filmed in stop-motion.

The first is “Does the author employ a method acceptable in the field?” under the content category.  I think this is a very important heuristic since it can be applied to both types of media. The method used should be acceptable and appropriate for the field, audience, and message it is trying to convey. There is a difference between a scholarly article, which should have content and methods that back up it’s thesis, while digital media also requires careful consideration of those same things.The author of the digital media employs a very acceptable and popular method for displaying their song.

Another important heuristic, under the web-based allowances category is “Does the form enact or exemplify the content in some way?“. This is vital to the category of multimodal composition, since the form should have some sort of relative meaning to the content itself. Without this category, multimodal media can easily become confusing.

A third web-based allowance heuristic that can be applied to both forms of media is “Does the text incorporate multi-media to enhance or present the content?“. This one should be one of the first questions posed when determining if a piece is actually multimodal. Does the text have other aspects that make it multimodal, such as a sound or video, and do they enhance the content itself. This goes along very similarly with the above heuristic.

Under the emerging conventions category, there are two heuristics that can be applied to both medias. The first one is “Does the author provide a rationale for the formal design of the text?“. This one may not be specified so clearly in most digital media, but it should be obvious to the audience why it is presented in a certain way. Music videos are presented with the music, lyrics, and images that typically accentuate the meaning of the song. In this same way, scholarly media is arranged in a specific format, and it should be arranged with consideration to the message being presented.

The last heuristic is “Does the text incorporate visual elements (e.g., icons, graphics, and images) toassist with navigation and/or to enhance the content?” This is a good heuristic because most popular media does use visual elements, but it should be applied in ways that enhance the content. In media that is not just a video, the mentioning of navigation is also important, since it also can change the way information is presented and viewed (such as the example in the IX cd).



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