Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | December 7, 2010

Portfolio Reflection

Goal: to reflect on your processes as readers and writers as you read, write about, and discuss the texts of the course: published work, peers’ writing, and your own

I really enjoyed being able to peer review other groups, and to learn how to write a peer review letter that was professional. I think that type of composition is important and it is a good skill to know how to write. Reviewing also involved taking in the suggestions of my peers, and applying them to my group project, in order to make a better video.

However, the one aspect of this course that did not work very well, was the group work. I know my group started out with many problems but even after many of them were resolved and we were on the right track, we never were able to settle into group “roles”. I felt like I spent a lot of time working alone on this project and that without a group “leader”, there was no one to give out duties. This turned out to be a large problem when something needed to be done and only a few people took the initiative to work on it. This is an issue that most groups run into;  however since our project was so large, it turned out to be extremely overwhelming. I don’t think it is fair that certain members get credit for a final project that they did not contribute to at all. I would sent out multiple emails asking for people do to a task and it continued to be myself and one other group member who would step up. I feel that was a large failure of this class, since so much was based around group work and I don’t think I learned anything except that I hate group work. It didn’t help me learn to collaborate because other people were never in-contact and didn’t offer anything to the project. This class started off being one of my favorite classes ever, but I felt alienated once we were told we couldn’t go to the professor for help if there were problems within the group.  There was a project that needed to be done, so we did what we needed to complete it, but I don’t think it was fair in any way. If I had been in any other class, the group members who did nothing to contribute, would have received separate grades that reflected that. I don’t think it correlated to a “real world” experience either, because if I didn’t do what I was supposed to at work, I wouldn’t still have a job.  If I called in sick to work for a day, I wouldn’t get paid. I thought it allowed for group members to make excuses to not help out, and then to skate by with a good grade in a course. Whereas the members who worked hard, spent hours upon hours compensating. I don’t think that is fair at all, particularly since we are all busy students with other courses.

I enjoyed our project topic, but I think it could have been more clearly described if we’d have more input and participation from all our group members. I am still proud of the final project though, and of all the media pieces created from this class. I took this class because it was truly something that I had a great interest in, and I enjoyed being able to make my own pieces and learning to use new technologies or revisiting old skills with programs that I used years ago.  I only wish the group project had not been such a negative experience.


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