Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | November 20, 2010

Peer Review

After looking over the peer review responses, I have a much clearer idea of how we need to edit our project. After watching it through several times, as a group, we did decide to switch around parts of our project, to show the Levi’s commercial before we introduced “Culture Jamming” or memes. I think this will work much better, to allow the audience to first see and hear the original commercial, introducing theme to “Meme A”, before we begin to counter it.

Another suggestion, that is a very important one, is to leave our text on screen for longer periods of time. This makes more sense, to allow our reader to fully digest the information and process it. We also plan to use pre-made images in photoshop, that can be larger and cleaner than the simple “add text”f unction in Windows Movie Maker. This will also help with a usiblity issue we had, with the text being too small and blurry for the reader. 

By fixing these things, the message our of piece will be more clear and the reader/viewer will have more time to fully understand our argument.


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