Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | October 13, 2010

Forming of a Project Pitch

To start with my pitch, I began thinking of ideas on what kinds of topics I would be interested in researching. Multimodality offers a unique way of presenting topics, and in my opinion, a much freer and clearer way than simple text articles or journals. I began to think of my own experience with multimodality and uses of the internet and programs. I came to the conclusion that most of my time on the internet was spent looking for amusing things, watching youtube videos, and talking to people. The culmination of those things led to me ask a “how” question, on how the internet allowed groups of people to collectively enjoy much of the same things online. Outside of online gaming or message boards, the idea that images can spread so quickly from one part of the world to another, really interested me. I can see a funny youtube video, send it to my friends, and that is the extent of it. But then you think of a person in Belgium, who is doing the exact same thing. If the internet connects us in so many obvious ways (email, facebook, youtube), in what other subliminal ways are we becoming more connected as one global society? In that way, I decided Iwanted to look at how humor connects us all.

I formed my project using the idea that as a study, done formally, we could investigate the scale of this and look at the age demographics of internet humor. By putting this idea into a format of a formal study, I thought that it would be an interesting addition to Kairos. While intenet humor itself may seen as a more frivolous use of time, I think a study on it could yield more information that would be helpful in the overall study of global internet trends. I also was attracted to this idea, because upon further research, I haven’t seen many other articles or journals who have covered this topic, and I liked the idea of investigating something new.

The pitch proposal come together more solidly when I knew that I wanted to submit this work to Kairos, and that to do that, I could utilize so many programs and take the research outside of the computer itself by asking people their own opinons and taking surverys on various demographics.

In this way, the project became more fleshed out, with the ideas of how application and use of the final product.


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