Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | September 25, 2010

Submission Values

1) The journal submissions page for Kairos doesn’t have set guidelines, stating what each piece should contain, but it has a general rule that the submissions should explore the uses of the internet as a publishing medium. This differs from our class set of criteria, that is laid out very strictly and does not exactly specify that the piece be a multimodal composition that utilizes the internet.

2) C&C’s submission page specifies that the submissions be nonlinear, and that they also utilize the internet. It is also more specific in asking that hypertext be utilized, along with digital video and audio. What their submission guidelines also contain, is a list of what should NOT be submitted, which is different from our class criteria. Our class criteria also does not give examples to use or ask for specific programs to be used in making multimedia.

3) The JUMP submissions page had no criteria to go by or to compare to our criteria. However, our criteria in general seems be to missing some guidelines in terms of structure, or for what criteria we would exclude (such as a paper in word).


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