Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | September 25, 2010

Evaluative Criteria

I think that the list that makes the most sense to use is the one that my group came up with in class. It breaks things into categories, so that the criteria makes sense. It can be applied to many kinds of works, because of this, and it doesn’t just require that the word be scholarly media or just digital media. This list can apply to a mixture of both kinds of multimedia, and is a quick and easy reference to use for judging criteria.

1) Purpose
• How
• What
• Why
2) Content
• Creative Realization
• Does the form fit the content?
• Quality of Media
3) Audience
• A text that connect with you as a group/audience
• Reader-friendly
• Usability is appropriate to the audience
4) Organization
• Organization of ideas should be clear to reader and relevant to the purpose
• Clarity of argument, if there is one, and backing up your argument


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