Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | September 19, 2010

Values and Criteria Analysis

1) In applying the three heuristics (content, web-based allowances, and  emerging conventions) , I found that some were helpful in evaluating the text, while others were not. The video I chose to apply them to was Ore Lavie-Her Morning Elegance, in the simplest of contexts, a music video. The content of the text does not incorporate documentation to support an argument, rather, the argument itself is a static thing, unique to each viewer of the video. However, the author does employ a method that is acceptable in the field, as it is a video that contains sound, lyrics, and meaning. It contains no nodes, and no formal arguments, but the content of the text establishes a tone of the story being told.

In terms of web-based allowances, the video is unique in several ways. While it does not contain any navigation options for the users, there is another layer in which it does do that. The video uses different modes of navigation to tell the lyrics in the song. The form exemplifies the lyrics by presenting them in a unique way, with the visuals of the girl who is sleeping but moving through different scenes using stop-motion filmography. The text is a great example of multimodal media due to the incorporation of several modes. The sound and music itself, along with the text, tell a story that is only amplified by the video accompanying. The video may allow a user to take on a new meaning, that perhaps the lyrics alone wouldn’t do. It is in this way that the piece is multi-navigational.

The text does not fit into many of the categories for emerging conventions, other than incorporating visual elements, which are an extremely important aspect of this piece. In all othe ways however, it has no nodes to move through or links to navigate.

2) The “This is Scholarship” piece functions in some similar ways, and in some very different ways from the prior piece discussed. The content presented is very straight-forward, with images, screencaptures, and text-only screens, that establish the goals of the piece very clearly. The text also uses documentation to support it’s thesis and this makes it a powerful and believable video.

In terms of web-based allowance, it fails in the same ways that the previous piece does. As a video, it doesn’t allow for multiple nodes or links to new pages. It is a video that doesn’t contain many options for multinavigation. However, it succeeds in examplifying the content perfectly. It uses sound bites, text, images, video, and animation to show many of the popular forms of multimodal media.

The emerging conventions of this piece are part of it’s theme. The text does a good job of incorporating visual elements to tell its story, and using them also as reference materials to back up their argument. Again, while this piece does not contain nodes or ways to link through the text, it does a good job as a video in exemplifying the idea of multi-modal composition.

3) The most relevant concepts/terms/questions from the heuristic page


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