Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | September 10, 2010

3 Examples of Digital Media

1) The first piece of digital media that I found particularly interesting is the Smashing Pumpkins music video for their song Thirty-Three.

The text of this song is extremely relevant to the video. The video was filmed with the intention of each line being portrayed literally. For the line “I know I can’t be late”, the image is a girl who looks like Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) with the white rabbit. In this way, the text is emphasized, and each lyrical line takes on a meaning of its own. Another example of a very literal portion of this video is in the line “mysteries not ready to reveal”, with an image of women in covered clothing. The element of this video is also a very important part of its message. The video was not filmed with a video camera, but was filmed in stop-motion, with photographs instead. This instead gives the video a vintage feeling to it, as well as a certain shakiness.

2) The next piece of digital media, called Testosteros is also a video, but in a completely different form. It is video comprised of digital clippings from different animated sources, put to a song.

The video begins with an animation sequence, depicting molecules until it forms the molecular structure of testosterone. The title of the video is a play on the actual content, as it is a very adrenaline-filled song, accompanied by high-action animation sequences. This video also has a very specific audience, while anyone can enjoy it for its high quality; it is mainly targeted at people who have seen the various animation shows that comprise it. The emphasis of this video focuses on interesting or funny fight scenes, with spot-lighting done to highlight certain characters or action sequences. Some scenes are put into grayscale, with only the main action being shown in color, in order to frame the important part of the scene.

3) The last example I found is an interesting mix of several things. It has no title, but would commonly be referred to as a macro.


It is comprised of several multimodal texts. The first are the actual words on the images. The text is the most obvious part of the image, and it is a play on a line from the movie “Mean Girls”. It has been altered to fit a new situation, and each line is put with an image to reflect the meaning.  The audience plays an important part in understanding the humor of the image. In order to find the image amusing, the audience must be familiar with both the movie “Mean Girls”, as well as “Harry Potter” (movies or books). The alignment of the images is important, because it shows which characters are being referred to.  I find these kinds of jokes to be very good examples of multimodal texts because they take several pop references and combine them, without needing anything other than a few simple frames and some text to easily convey a message.


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