Posted by: zerostumbleine33 | August 27, 2010

Syllabus/Expectations Response

The course goals of this class (found here very well laid out and I believe them to be very achievable goals for each student.  One very interesting and important goal is “to understand that multimodal composition is both rhetorical and creative, and thus c an be useful in many disciplines” as it gives a good course description as well as something to work towards as students. I hope to take away from this course, a much better understanding of writing using various modes. This is a good skill that I find vital in a world that is constantly evolving and as humans are always looking for new ways to inspire.

From this course, I hope to learn how to communicate more effectively using various venues such as sound, visual art, and the vast capabilities of the internet. I expect to become more proficient at visual and audio media, as well as how to better illustrate ideas without necessarily writing a formal paper. I expect to learn how to push at boundaries more, and to be urged to try new things, as so much of college is about experiencing new ideas.

As a student, I value learning and being asked to learn in ways that are new to me. I value being listened to, and having my own ideas heard. I value learning how to work (successfully) in group projects, as so many jobs after college require teamwork. I hope to gain a better understanding of what multimodal composition is, and how to form my own works in multimodal medias. As addressed on the Expectations page (, I hope to really learn from the opportunities for both group work, as well as individual work.

In terms of projects, one idea I have had is to research the media of online writing or “fanfiction” and the impact of it’s portryal of characters, and how it changes the ideas of certain events versus the “canon” story.

A second idea, would be to delve into the reasons of youtube video popularity, or other various internet jokes (memes) and how a large group of people can find the same videos/images/songs humorous ,and how widespread or influential these can be.


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